Clay Mewes Earns Every Merit Badge

A Hardworking Scout

Clay Mewes might be called a completionist. When he join Cub Scouts, he had to earn all 20 pins for example. Naturally, when he joined Boy Scouts, he had to earn all the merit badges. The problem is, that’s a slightly larger goal – 6 times larger!

“I knew I wanted to earn every merit badge but at first I hated merit badges. I picked some tough ones to start,” Mewes said.

That first badge was Truck Transpiration, requiring some sophisticated knowledge of engines. Then, there was Landscape Architecture. No easy task. But since Mewes had set the goal, he kept going. Eventually, he really started enjoying them.

“Robotics was number 3, that was a lot of fun,” Mewes said.

An Eagle Scout from Troop 111 in Lakeville, MN, Clay is no stranger to all things Scouting. He’s been to Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, and two National Jamborees (2013 and 2017).

“Sea Base was amazing. Watching the sea turn bright orange and yellow at sunset. There’s a peace and tranquility,” Mewes said.

Clay is the fourth Scout in the past couple years that we’ve learned about in our council to earn all 137 merit badges. Clay has actually earned a total of 139, two badges he’s earned have been retired. So, what did he save for last?

“Bugling. It took two years of lessons for me to get good enough to play the 15 different required calls.”

That’s no surprise, Bugling Merit Badge has often been pointed to as a more difficult one for those without musical training!

Clay is now a student at St. Cloud State University, studying Environmental Studies. He’s still involved in Scouts, as an active Assistant Scoutmaster and even the VP of Programs for Area 1 Venturing. Congratulations Clay!

Clay Mewes Earns Every Merit Badge

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