In-Person Training for Cub Scout Leaders

Are you looking for Cub Scout leader training?  On-line training through [] is now the primary delivery method; BSA has improved the quality of their on-line content that you can complete at your own convenience. 

With the evolution of web-based training, the demand for in-person is attracting fewer leaders.  Those that have interest do so for reasons of (a) hands-on content, (b) opportunity for dialog/Q&A and (c) not having to compete with your family for computer time.  Because there is less demand, there is the possibility for greater flexibility

In-person Cub Scout leader training is available through the following:
  1. University of Scouting - this major training event is offered by Northern Star Council in the Spring and Fall of each year on a Saturday.  You can complete the basic leader required training and also find additional fun and advanced courses.
  2. Events published on the Council website [].
  3. New!  Custom scheduled training.
For custom scheduled training, Cub Scout leaders in Chief Black Dog can reach-out to Chad [] and make a request.  We will work together to pick a date/time and location that works for all.  Training can be customized to both meet your needs (or the needs of your group) and also satisfy BSA's course requirements.

The only course that is not available via custom scheduling is BSA's BALOO outdoor leader training.  The BALOO course is a full day plus over-night offered in a camping setting.  BALOO opportunities will soon be scheduled.

If you want something more than can be offered in an on-line computer format, reach out to

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