Railroading Merit Badge Work Shop at the National Railroad Museum

Realizing the importance of railroads in America, the Boy Scouts introduced the Railroading merit badge in 1952. Railroads still play a vital role in our nation. Today nearly 40 percent of all U.S. freight travels by train. Trucks are a distant second at 28 percent. In Wal-Mart stores 90 percent of the merchandise was on a train for some portion of its trip to the shelf.

With this in mind, the National Railroad Museum, a non-profit educational institution, is pleased to offer an annual Railroading Merit Badge Workshop. The 2018 program will be presented on Saturday, November 3.

The Railroading Merit Badge Workshop is a one-day program that affords Scouts the opportunity to earn the merit badge by participating in six different activity stations. Each station deals with a different requirement(s) for the merit badge. The National Railroad Museum offers a wealth of resources for this program, including our historic exhibits and a team of instructors from both the Museum staff and professional railroad sources.

Registration is currently open online the Museum’s website: The program is limited to 300 Scouts and 100 adults.

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